Outline Statement

Geoffrey Robinson Ltd are a second-generation family owned business who are passionate about ensuring that we undertake business in an ethical and responsible manner. In doing so we are committed by our actions to support our communities, protect our environment, and respect and engage without favour, with people, their religions, beliefs and cultures.

Community Matters

Our community is important to us and our team are pleased to support this in a multitude of ways, from providing sponsorship to local colts’ football clubs and the continued employment of Apprentices, helping to sustain local employment. Local sponsorship includes;


In all business matters my team work with customers and clients to seek ways and means to optimise the energy used and maximise the outputs at the Energy Centres we design and build to seek to reduce and minimise the impact on the environment. Managers drive electric hybrid vehicles and by our suggestion, our team drive a wholly electric vehicle for Cleveland Police. Our electrical design team were instrumental in putting cutting edge LED lighting schemes into new corporate headquarters for North Yorkshire Police, saving energy and longer-term impact on environment.

Geoffrey Robinson achieved ISO 14001 in April 2014 and continue to meet the demands, values and requirements of this certification.

Business Ethics and Transparency

The business is proud of their openness and transparency with their business partners and will always promote its business in an open, honest and ethical manner.

Employee Relations and Human Rights

Geoffrey Robinson treats employees fairly, with dignity and consideration, and adhere to all Human Rights legislation requirements, respecting cultures, customs and personal values.