Royal victoria infirmary, HV & LV Transformer replacement

Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Geoffrey Robinson are very proud of the works undertaken at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, for the Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Trust.

The very complicated upgrade of the HV and LV electrical services at the Royal Victoria Infirmary primary care hospital took place in 2019.

The works comprised of replacing 10 x 11KV transformer and the life expired electrical switchboard at Leazes Building, which houses all the critical care wards, operating theatres, intensive care and baby care facilities at this very busy front line hospital. It was also necessary to increase the electrical capacity from 7.4Mw to 11MW, as the hospital was struggling for spare redundant capacity, especially with the continued increase in the latest technological and medical equipment.

Prior to project commencement Geoffrey Robinson electrical engineers undertook a meticulous review of cable runs, cable condition and cable capacity survey, as some cables needed upgrading, some aluminium cable needed replacing, and terminals needed replacing.

Shipping routes to the hospital switchboard rooms were extremely tight and existing floors were protected and moves of the heavy switchgear was undertaken during the quiet hours. Temporary supplies were arranged during transformer changeovers, and the more complex electrical changeovers were undertaken during the working day, with inclusive communication to all personnel, as it was recognised that if supplies were inadvertently lost, then it would be advantageous to have all available hospital staff ready and available to support patients needs in the event of power outage.

Meticulous planning, cogent communication and inclusive programming of the works was a necessary and critical requirement. Liaison and communication meetings were co-ordinated between Kier Construction, the NHS Trust engineers and directors, the manufacturers of the switchgear and transformers, and the ward personnel. This was to check and double check, with every contingency considered, risks minimised and managed, and works only taking place when expected and agreed.

The £2 million project was programmed over 60 weeks and thanks to outstanding project management and co-operation by all, was completed without any major disruption to the every day critical functions and business of the hospital.

As a consequence of the professionalism of our team, and the other partners involved, Geoffrey Robinson were awarded a National ECA Partnership Award from the ECA. Well done to all.

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