Nightingale Hospital North East


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What We Did

Additional capacity for the North East regional NHS was provided by Geoffrey Robinson by the fit out of an industrial unit located at the International Advanced Manufacturing Park, Sunderland, into a 460 bed ICU facility.

All of the works were necessary to support the North East regional NHS capacity during the Coronavirus pandemic.

At short notice, and during the Coronavirus lockdown period, our directors and senior engineers, met with the NHS Trust to develop the whole building and each bed station requirement, this included increasing the gas incomer, increasing the electrical capacity, to include for auto-cut in generators in the unlikely event of power failure, provision of integrated heating, cooling and ventilation to provide clean, filtered and refreshed air at pre-determined and assured temperatures. Pressurised medical gases and oxygen had to be delivered to all 460 bed stations, additional cold and hot water capacities were required, along with fire stopping, fire detection, nurse calls and integrated data infrastructure, temperature-controlled wash stations with all necessary drainage, pumps, valve and filters.

From design to completion took an enormous effort from all the team. This was from everyone involved in the construction and design, which included all the Geoffrey Robinson team, the NHS engineering and government consultants, directors and senior engineers from the NHS Trusts who will utilise this facility, and grateful thanks and assistance from the manufacturers and suppliers, who helped us make this happen.

The works were completed in 4 weeks, a phenomenal achievement.

Unprecedented situation for the whole country; unprecedented for our generation and our team, and, like the rest of the country, we are extremely proud and grateful to be of service to our NHS.

Outline project information

14,000 labour hours – 24/7
48 km of electrical cable
12,000 m of pipework
2,500 m of ductwork
460 bed stations
All in 4 weeks

Services Provided

  • Principal contractor
  • New electrical switchboard and 1MVA transformer
  • 2 x 1500Kva + 500Kva generators
  • 2 x 22Kw fresh air systems with associated heating coils and air conditioning
  • All medical gases and storage to provide 15 lpm with no diversity to 194 ICU and 360 ward bed spaces.
  • New 72,000 litre cold water tank
  • Plumbing and drainage to sluices and public and patient washrooms.
  • All associated fire, nurse and security alarms and data requirement.