Friarage Hospital


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What We Did

In 2006, Geoffrey Robinson completed a yearlong design and build contract at the Friarage Hospital, Northallerton. The works were competitively won under a PFI initiative.

Our team were involved in the design conception and programmed the removal of the old oil-fired boiler house with replacement new energy centre. Viessman dual fuel boilers were the primary source to provide heating system design pressure of 5.5 Bar, with operating temperatures of 120C flow and 100oC return. These new boilers were the most efficient solution for the Trust, and design included +20% resilience over capacity.

The MTHW system is fed, pressurized and maintained by nitrogen assisted pressurisation unit which has duty and standby pumping and controls facility; each boiler was fitted with a backend protection pump to ensure water is continuously available during the boiler ramping up/down period.

Finally, to bring further efficiencies to the site, the non- patient areas were decentralised and the associated heat exchangers were replaced with local, independent gas fired boiler plant, thus removing thermal transmission losses and on-going maintenance costs associated with steam distribution.

The maintenance phase was scheduled for 15 years, until 2021.

Services Provided

  • Principal contractor, design, programme and finance
  • Project management and liaison
  • New energy building build.
  • 3 x Viessmann Vitomax200 Boilers (Dual Fuel)
  • 2 x Fulton steam boilers plus associated pipework & thermal insulation
  • Electrical works, HV/LV with associating cabling, controls, distribution
  • New Oil storage tanks and metering