To complement our integrated mechanical and electrical building services, we now have the right people on-board to assist in new build and refurbishment construction as Principle Contractor. We directly employ a number of very experienced Construction Managers, and associated QA, with construction site managers to provide a turnkey building solution to your design requirements.

Additional to this, we employ FIRAS certified engineers to undertake compliant fire stopping, which is geo-tagged, labelled and complies with the latest construction building safety advice and best practice. The latest fire integrity of any building is normally a required standard of many building insurances, and has become a more focused issue to provide secure fire compartments to prevent the spread of air-borne viruses such as Coronavirus.

Our Fire-stopping teams are FIRAS, ASFP and LPCB certified, and to augment and assure clients our processes and procedures are all fully recorded and documented with geo-tags, local certification, and, additional assurance can be provided by the use of the Hilti Document Manager APP, renowned for being the best industry practice in the UK.

With unrivalled depth of knowledge and range of special skills, we have the capacity to undertake everything from small building works and fire stopping to shut down work, leaks and repairs - all completed with the highest level of quality assurance through best practice engineering, as standard.